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Post  Slater on Sun Jul 03, 2011 11:36 pm

I want to start off by thanking you for joining the Guild Hall and reading these rules. While we here at the Guild hall are striving for equality amoung are members and want everyone to enjoy their time here, we do understand that like any forum or real life interaction, there is tension. That is alright, it happens. We have no problem with anyone engaging in debates or arguments. We do however have a problem with those things being taken to far. while we perfer to allow the community to work everything out, correct a member with bad or false information so as to better understand things and be able to supply correct information to others, we WILL step in if nessecary. if We are forced to step in, their will be harsher implications then just locking/deleting a thread.

section 1
Disciplinary Action
While Banning members is not something myself or the rest of the staff want to do, it can and will be done if nessecary. which is why we will detail(publicly) a Disciplinary Status list(more on this list will be listed under its own thread within the confines of this section of the forums). there are a number of things that can get you into trouble, as well as a number of things that can in turn give you leeway on the boards. there is always an upside and downside to things, thus we wont just be impicating a one sided view of things. there are a number of things that can get you into trouble(all will be listed in the Disciplinary status list thread) or get you parised.

section 2
Harrasment of any kind will not be tolerated. by harrasment, we are not refering to going after another member in a thread your currently posting in. By harrasment we are refering to cyberbullying, Following for the sake of insulting that member everywhere they post, Sexual harrasment, etc. these actions will result in a single warning. failure to abide bythat warning results in instant banning for good(with the exception of following). for those that dont know what cyberbullying is, i suggest you google it. here, cyberbullying will refer to the creation of a thread intended to humiliate and belittle another member. PLEASE refrain from doing any of this.

section 3
As harsh language can be offensive, and many parents with children posting on this forum would not their kids to view/be the victim of such, i have begun a censorship list. this list contains ALL the big words and will continue to grow and contain more words as myself, or my moderator staff sees fit. any attempts at trying to bypass the language filters will be met with swift action. so please try and refrain form finding ways around the filter. Also, please refrain from personal insults on others. this would mean calling some a retard, or A hole(calling someone arrogant or ignorant is not considered an insult). name calling for the reason of attacking and attempting to belittle someone will not be tolerated as well

section 4
Discussion of illegal activities
THIS is DEFFINATELY NOT ALLOWED. anyone giving instruction on how to illegal obtain ANYTHING will have their account temporarily suspended until myself and my staff come to a conculsion as to what to do about the person. we want everyone to enjoy themselves here, but we will not tolerate people attempting to help others steal copyrighted material. the discussion of other types of illegal activities will not be tolerated as well(i.e. teaching/suggesting that someone comit murder, theft, rape, etc)

section 5
discussion of modified material
We do not mind if people discuss the topic of hacking, or modifing their personal property. while most forums look down on this subject, and often lock, delete the topics and/or warn/ban the topic creator, we will not take this action. We only request that you do not suggest some hack or modify anything. if a player is asking questions about it, we request you send that person a personal message as to how to hack or modify their properity(we will not be held accountable for any legal recourse that could take place from such advice/guidance. this is to help aviod so).

section 6
yes, the dreaded internet troll that we all hate is not welcome here. if you are creating troll threads, or trolling the threads of other users, you face disciplianry action. so please, dont do it.

section 7
misc. things
a. please abide by the standards of each individual forum. they may not contain their own rules, but the names and discription of each should be more then self explanitory. so please dont make us have to do work we shouldn't have to do.
b. do not start arguments for the sake of arguing. you'll only get yourself into trouble doing so. so please try not to post anything you know will attract hate and arguing.
c. ABSOLUTELY NO CONSOLE SPECIFIC THREADS. these thread attract mass multitude of flaming and never end well or at all.
d. DO NOT REVIVE DEAD THREADS! i can not stress this factor enough. if you have to search through 4 or more pages to find a thread worth posting in, then just make a new one. we dont need long dead threads brought back to the front page. this is an offense that will be met with a little more leeway(usually a few warnings to stop) then other offenses. if you revive a thread, and another member makes it known to you that you should not have revived it(admin mod or not), then leave it at that. do not post again saying your sorry or anything else. continuing to post in it will only get you further into trouble.

Please be respectful of others, curtious and helpful and we can build a great community.

thank you,
your Admin, Slater

NOTE: these rules are still under going additions, so please think before you act.

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