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Post  VengefulTorture on Fri Jul 15, 2011 9:21 pm

This is a guide i created back in the day for MHFU when i was on the PSU boards, hope you all find it useful. There is a second part for white fatalis i have not included. It is copyright to a member of the old PSU boards and i don't feel right putting it up here. He has given me permission to send it out to individuals so if you're really stuck on him get a hold of me and i can send you the file.

Copyright VT - these forums, my YT and PSU are the only places this should appear.

This guide is by no means a bible. It was made to answer frequently asked questions on difficult urgents as they are "the next step". It attempts to lay out recommendations for hunters to get a feel for where they should be at. Nothing in here is meant to be said as "The Law" or "How you should do this no questions asked".

In this guide the urgents have been laid out, with prerequisites and info on how to bypass them effectively. By reading a section there is no god given rule saying you will go out and beat the quest. Skill is still needed folks.

Recommendations are based off of opinions; recommendations are also given within limits of each quest (yes i know you can upgrade that sometimes) and are only included within the guild hall. Therefore, just because you can kill a monoblos before you're HR2 doesn't mean there will be a weapon recommendation including that weapon. Not until G Rank quests are weapons and armor included from village quests.

There are no guns included in weapon recommendations due to their differences in capabilities. Nor are there gun strategies: it's all the same, shoot and try not to get hit.

Finally, weapon recommendations do not necessarily include every "good" weapon: just some that are worth using, usually not including pure raw weapons as those are easy to notice/find.

This guide is not finished, armor must still be added.

Please do not hesitate to give your own opinion on anything in this guide. It is meant to give one or more views on how to conquer these quests. Anything is highly appreciated by myself, and those who read this.


[HR1-2] Ruler of the Snow: Blongonga
Prerequisites: Giadrome Assault,The Land Shark, The Lurking Desert Giant, The Mischief Maker

Recommended Weapon(s): Anything;)

Recommended Armor:

Strategy: Blongonga is a quickson of a gun! Avoid flash bombs as they make him enraged instantly. Stick toattacking his from arms at a 45+ degree angle from his face, this will allowyou to roll away from any attacks, as most of his are forward based. This isalso a weak point of his allowing you to pierce with low sharpness. Whenever heturns towards you roll the same direction that he turns, keeping you out ofrange of his attacks. When he becomes enraged make sure to only attack from thesides, he can really get quick attacks off on you from the front and jumpingbackwards.

Opportune Attack Moments:
-Immediately after “ground smash”
-During/after “snow shower”(frontal attack)

[HR2-3] Absolute Power: Tigrex

Prerequisites: Master of theGiant Lake, Evening Hermitaur Sonata, Pincher Through the Sky, Trouble in theForest, The Ioprey Leader

Recommended Weapon(s):Thunderbane (SnS), Viperbite (SnS), Khezu Shock Sword (GS), Devil Slicer (LS)

Recommended Armor:

Strategy: Tigrex is tough, especially this early on. He should start in area 8 assuming you get there intime; use this area effectively. Get him to run into the wall at the bottom of the “cliff”, if done correctly this will get him stuck for 8 seconds or so, allowing you to attack! Go for the tail first, it is fairly easy to get at andwill make your life much easier. When he’s not running watch out for screams –he will usually do this when he jumps backwards, then rearing up meaning you’re already out of the way . Now when he’s not jumping you can attack from your right side, stay near the edge of his arm, allowing you to roll out whenever you see an attack coming. Also, if you tend to stay near his "arms" you can avoid some attacks. This will however register his whirlwind 360 attack, which can really screw you over. Get out of the way but not too far as quickly after you can get in for a few more attacks. You can also attack the sides of his head, at a 45 degree angle. Stay to his right side again to avoid the snowball thrusts and just roll to the right underneath his arm if you feel in danger. When he becomes enraged try to get him to run into the wall as he runs a lot. There isn’t much you can do so just try to stay alive and wait for him to calm down, getting attacks in when you can.

Opportune Attack Moments:
-(Enraged) After 2 jumps he willpause, snap & growl, gives you 3-5 seconds to get attacks in USE IT.
-Immediately after scream, run inon right side start a combo
-Immediately after “twirl”, rightside again (area attack)

[HR3-4] Approaching Gaoren: Shen Gaoren

Prerequisites: The RunawayDiablos, Valor in the Swamp, The King’s Domain, The Queen’s Decent

Recommended Weapon(s): MonoblosScythe (LS), Blue Wing (GS), Wyvern Blade “Blood” (LS), Blazing Falchion (SnS),Corona (SnS), High Twin Flames (DS), Bladed Edge (DS), Anvil Hammer (HM)

Recommended Armor:

Strategy: This is pretty easy notgonna lie, run around getting every leg pink –then red. Then attack anywhereuntil he falls over after all 4 legs are red. Ignore using bombs and all, justfocus on attacking.

Opportune Attack Moments:
->.> when he falls over?

[HR4-5] Lao Shan Lung Draws Near: Lao Shan Lung

Prerequisites: The Poison FangedDuo, Ultimate Crab Dinner, Trapped by Yian Kut-Ku, Congalala Counter Attack!

Recommended Weapon(s): OnslaughtHammer (HM), Growling Wyvern (LNC), Knight Spear (LNC), Imperial Gunlance(GLC), Cyclone (DS), Insector+ (DS)

Recommended Armor:

Strategy: Again, pretty easy. Allyou need to do is attack!
For hammers: Go for the stomach, his weakest area – when he rears up fromtaking damage roll to the right/left. When you get to the last area, he’llstand up-go for his “special area”; you’ll avoid the wind from the legs and getfair damage in as well.
For others: Just go for the head, stay at about a 30 degree angle to his headif lancing, so you can back-hop when needed and still be in line. If usingsomething else then just stay perpendicular to his face, roll with him. When hegets in the last area and stands up go for the feet in between steps.

Opportune Attack Moments:
-Just attack fool.

[HR5-6] Land of the Tremors: 2 Tigrex

Prerequisites: Two Roars in theSnow, Red Shadow in the Swampland, The Underwater Terror, Eliminate theRathalos, Basarios: Unseen Peril

Recommended Weapon(s): Deathprize(SnS), Sanctioned Blades (DS), Insect Slicer (DS), Kirin Bolt Ultimus (SnS),True Devil Slicer (LS), Thunderspear (LNC), Full Voltage (GLC), Dark (LNC)

Recommended Armor:
Ceanataur Helm S
Rathalos Mail S
Rathalos Vambraces S
Ceanataur Tasset S
Ceanataur Greaves S
Gems: 1x Attack Jewel, 4x Artisan Jewel, 4x Grinder Jewel
Skills: Attack Up (Medium), Sharpening Skill Inc, Sharpness +1

Rathian Helm S
Cephalos Mail S
Khezu Vambraces S
Cephalos Tasset S
Khezu Greaves S
Gems: 3x Strength Jewel, 5x Psychic Jewel
Skills: Autotracker, Damage Recover Speed +1, Health +20
*1 socket weapon

Strategy: Same as above, makesure to paintball both to make sure you’re always aware of where they’re at.Make sure to finish one completely before you move on to the next.

[HR6-7] Approaching Gaoren: Shen Gaoren

Prerequisites: The Fierce BlackHorn, Black Rock in the Swamp, Blue Sky Pink Earth, Deny the Silver Rathalos,Find the Golden Phantom

Recommended Weapon(s): VoidGravios Spear (LNC), Luna’s Flare (GLC), Gun Chariot (GLC), Diablos ChaosBroker (HM), Corpse Blades (DS), Dual Dragon Ultimus (DS), Dual Diablo+ (DS),Wolf Blade (SnS), Mirage Finsword+ (LS), Gaelic Flame (LS), Smolder Dragonsword(LS)

Recommended Armor:
Ceanatuar Helm S
Ceanatuar Mail U
Ceanataur Braces U
Ceanatuar Tasset S
Ceanataur Greaves S
Gems: 4x Artisan Jewel, 6x Razor Jewel
Skills: Sharpness +1, Sharp Sword
OR (if you have access to HR6 quests)
Gems:4x Artisan Jewel, 1x Cutter Jewel, 2x Razor Jewel, *1x Fierce Jewel, 1x Attack Jewel*
Skills: Sharpness +1, Sharp Sword, *Attack Up Small
*can substitute for 1x Celebrity Jewel, 1x Expert Jewel for RA+1
**Must have 1 socket weapon

Strategy: Again, exact same asabove.

[HR6-7] Rise to the Summit: Akantor

Prerequisites: Approaching Gaoren

Recommended Weapon(s): DiablosChaos Broker (HM), Dual Dragon Ultimus (DS), Gun Chariot (GLC), Azure OgreSword (SnS), Black Gore Cannon (GLC), Black Tempest (LNC), Sealed Dragon Lance (LNC),Gaoren Coin (GS), Mirage Finsword+ (LS), Gaelic Flame (LS), Smolder Dragonsword(LS)

Recommended Armor:
Hermitaur Helm U
Hermitaur Mail U
Hermitaur Braces S
Hermitaur Tasset S
Hermitaur Greaves U
Gems: 2x Iron Curtain Jewel, 4x Hard Wall Jewel, 1x Defense Jewel
Skills: Defense +20, Guard Inc, Guard +1

Auroros Helm Haku
Auroros Torso Haku
Auroros Gauntlets Haku
Auroros Tasset Haku
Auroros Pants Haku
Gems: 8x Howitzer Jewels
Skills: Gunnery King, Guard +1, Guard Inc, Damage Rec. Speed +1

Strategy: Akantor is big, butslow; use this to your advantage.
For Lance/GL: If you want to attack his head, stick to your right, his left asfire spires don’t hit here. You *can* turtle up if you’d like but side-steppingto the left every other combo will keep you in good condition. (for more readother, same strategy really)
For other: You can stick to a similar strategy as Lao’s head if you like or youcan go for the back legs. By rolling to around him as he turns you can keep apretty fair combo going. Try to avoid getting underneath him as this prohibitsyou from seeing, let alone getting many good hits in. When he becomes enragedbe sure to get out of the way unless you can block. Stay near to his legs, infront of them and you should avoid any fire spires. Your goal is to make himfall over; which means you need to attack his right leg, as he falls on hisleft side, leaving his legs/stomach open to attacking when he falls, instead ofbeing on his back side. This is a stamina battle, so take your time. You won’tbe able to cut his tail until he’s at 25% health or less so don’t worry aboutit too much.
Another thing to watch out for is hisrunning attack and his wind spire attack. If you’re not able to guard Irecommend bringing flashbombs just for these attacks. He does start off byrunning but he can also use it later; he’ll rear up first (like a cat) thenpounce! This can lead to a deadly combo so make sure to watch for it, put yourweapon away and start running. If you can block you can use this but it willtake away a small amount of health. For the wind spire attack his head willrear up – this is your 2 second chance to roll out of the way or block-but youwill need guard inc. to be able to block this and it will still wreck you.He’ll only do this if you’re in front of him though, so if you attack his legsdon’t worry too much.
Finally, if you do try to attack is head you need to watch out for his diggingmaneuver. If you stick to the right side his saliva is easier to avoid.Whenever he goes underground roll to the right or forward. If you can getunderneath his head you should be safe. Same goes for “turtling”; make sure youblock and walk forward to avoid getting hit and getting that nasty 50% defensestatus.

Opportune Attack Moments:
-Snap & Growl: Gives a decent8 second attack period, also good for healing!
-(Legs) while turning, if on theside he’s turning towards
-(Legs) while falling afterscream or body slam, make sure to block beforehand.
-After coming up fromunderground, head exposed for a full combo.

[HR6-7] Hypno, Hypno!: 2 Hypnocs

Prerequisites: Rise to the Summit

Recommended Weapon(s):Wyvernblade “Maple” (LS), Corpse Blades (DS), Diablos Chaos Broker (HM), ShinyRathalos Sword (GS), Golden Falchion(SnS), Void Gravios Spear (LNC), Luna’s Flare (GLC)

Recommended Armor:

Strategy: These hypno’s are aflat out annoying as hell. They WILL join each other within about 2-4 minutesof the battle. There are some ways you can avoid this – which of course Irecommend 100%. One starts in area 5, and the other in 4. If you cansuccessfully reach one area, mess around with one and throw a paintball at it.You can keep it busy enough to run to the next area, paintball that one andstart taking it out. If you can get enough damage in the one you’re attackingwill run away to a different area and you shouldn’t have much conflict.
If however, they do team up – don’t try to fight them, you’re not ready yet!Paintball both of them and run away, wait it out one will run eventually. Thisis where the 50 minutes really comes in handy ha!
Now, when you are fighting one and only one; run circles around this chicken.It’s a very useful strategy to be constantly on the move, leaving you the oneopen to attack at any moment. When she (the hypnoc) stands still, run in for acombo on the legs. Over time she will fall over then you can get another comboin. You need to watch out however, for when she decides to lunge at you, kicking and flapping her wings. This may freak you out the first time but don’trun away. Instead – when she lunges at you roll towards her at a 45 degreeangle to the left or right. This will keep her chasing you but keep you out ofharm because she will always over shoot you and never catch up. Also this willkeep you close to her so when she is done you can get a few attacks in.
Try not to stay in front of her, as she has a few sleep attacks that are directed to her immediate front as well as at 40 degree angles out. She’s quickso don’t get greedy with attacks!
Now when she becomes enraged make sure to be extra careful, she is a master combo-er lol. One hit and you may be out. Just keep the same strategy,circling, and you should be good.

Opportune Attack Moments:
-Immediately after lungingattacks
-“Scream & Squawk!” (She’llstretch her neck forward, gas eroding from her mouth – attack the legs)

[HR 7-8] Ever-present Shadow: Narugakaruga

Prerequisites: Daimyo of SengokuFlame, Old Jungle Lightning, Eyes in the Underground Lake, Pelagus Pride, OldSwamp Shrouded in Mist

Recommended Weapon(s): CorpseBlades (DS), Golden Falchion (SnS), Black Doom Flame (SnS),Lion Emperor Saber(LS), Wyvernblade “Maple” (LS)

Recommended Armor:

Strategy: I cannot stress using aquick weapon here enough. Naruga is so fast if you move somewhat slowly withyour weapon he will take you out. And it will hurt, badly. With that in mindrealize that naruga rarely stays in one place for long, he’s always jumping aroundand about and it gets pretty annoying. Whenever he lunges at you and goes sideto side, chase after him. Immediately after he will growl a little bit, leavinghim open for attacking. Keep in mind that Naruga’s wings are extremely tough,for most weapons you will need white to pierce them. Therefore it helps if youstick to his back legs. You should be able to pierce them well into greensharpness and it keeps you mostly out of harm’s way.
Now although quick Naruga is easy to read; he’ll rear up like a cat when he’sabout to lunge, and whenever he growls and has his front feet spread apart he’sabout to do a frontal attack: either shooting spines or the dreadful tail slam.Do not get hit by the tail slam.
He will primarily jump around a lot, just make sure to follow him in order toget attacks in, stick to the back legs and if he rears up roll to the side thetail won’t hit you on in the transition! Keep this up and you’re golden.

Opportune Attack Moments:
-After lunges, during mini growl
-NOT during snap and growl!!!Commonly mistaken for sign of calming down, but usually leads to death whenthat tail slam hits.

[HR 8-9] The Floating Dragon: Yama-Tsukami

Prerequisites: LavasiothSighting!, Under the Gaze of Heaven, A King Robed in Smoke, Her EternalMajesty, Wild Monk of the Dunes

Recommended Weapons: IcicleDaggers (DS), Hi Frost Edge (SnS), Ultimus Heaven and Earth (DS), Azure OgreSword (SnS), Edelweiss Ice Blade (LS), Knockout Dragonsword (LS), Master Blaze(GS), Axion (HM), Gold Recorder+(HH), Icicle Blizzard (LNC), Giant HermitaurLance (LNC), Demonic Blizzard (GLC)

Recommended Armor:

Lava Helm X
Lava Mail X
Lava Vambraces X
Lava Tasset X
Lava Greaves X
Gems: 10x Artisan Jewels
Skills: Focus, Guts, Sharpness +1, Terrain Damage Negate, Combine Success-5%, Worry
Def: 555; Fire:20 Wtr:-15 Thdr:0 Ice:0 Drg:5

Strategy: Yama is another bigpushover. After the run up to the area, don’t jump down to fight him – ever.You will be able to get much more damage in fighting him at “eye level”.Firstly, I’ll cover the attacks you need to watch out for.
1)He will rise into the air quickly, his tentacles will go up and fall withhim: fire gas
-run to the back edge of wherever you’re at (against the wall)
2)Rises slowly, begins spinning (possible 1 hit KO)
-as quickly as you can, sheath your weapon and without moving around, press Xto crouch. This is the only way to avoid getting hit from this attack; makesure to wait until it’s over please…
The other attacks are basically just tentacle sweeps. They’re really easy toread as well, just watch for when he turns towards you (as if homing in) thenone side of him will rise – roll out of the way. To avoid getting corneredthough try to run back and forth between the sides of the circle platform. Ifyou keep this up he’ll have a hard time locking you at an edge.
Now, when he homes in on you and his front rises up he’s about to slam. Thereare two types of slams he does.
1) His large tentacles (“arms”) will come down on you – this has the range of aplessy hipcheck at times so watch out. However this is the best opportunity forattacking so go to town!
2) His smaller tentacles, the ones from his face, will come down. Now whateveryou do DO NOT stand in front of him and attack these. Stand to the side of hisface that has the most room where you can run. There is a chance that duringthis attack, if you do not inflict enough damage or if he is seriously PO’d,that he will do his 1 hit KO vacuum attack. During this you can either run andleap off the edge-or you can throw 2-3 tranq bombs at him, causing him to falldown. If you chose the correct path then you can get about a full minute or soof attacks in.
Yama can be annoying to hit some times, just keep with it this is anotherstamina battle.

Opportune Attack Moments:
-Tranq bomb fall – longest consecutive time you’ll get
-Damage fall- inflict enough damage during a grab and he’ll fall for either carving or attacking
-Spitting out Thunderbugs: attack the sides of his mouth
-Any “grab on” attack

[G] The Approaching Gaoren: Shen Gaoren

Prerequisites: Absolute Power,Black Phalanges, Armored Supremacy, Explore the Unexplored, A Single Beam ofMoonlight

Recommended Weapon(s): GraviosFire Lance (LNC), Luna’s Sun (GLC), Dragonsealer “Null” (LNC), Knockout Dragonsword (LS), Wyvernblade “Camellia” (LS), Brunhild (GS), Diablos King Blade (GS), Chaotic Order (HM), Volganos Arpa (HH), Imperial Gunhammer “Spark”(HM), Claw of Doom (HM), Golden Eclipse (SnS), Punishment Blades (DS), Ultimus Heaven and Earth (DS), Azure Ogre Sword (SnS)

Recommended Armor:
Monoblos Helm X
Blango Mail Z
Ceanataur Braces U
Monoblos Coil X
Ceanataur Greaves Z
Gems: 5x Grinder Jewel, 3x Pinch Jewel, 1x Razor Jewel
Skills: Adrenaline +2, Sharp Sword, Sharpen Skill Inc.
Def: 591; Fire:10 Wtr:1 Thdr:-4 Ice:-8 Drg:-1
*1 socket weapon

Garuga Helm X
Ceanataur Mail S
Ceanataur Braces U
Ceanataur Tasset Z
Ceanataur Greaves Z
Gems: 5x Bombardier Jewel, 3x Grinder Jewel, 1x Master Jewel, 1x Defense Jewel*
Skills: Bomber, Sharpening Skill Inc., Sharpness +1, Sharp Sword
Def: 591(w/ 2socketweap.); Fire:8 Wtr:6 Thdr:-2 Ice:-2 Drg:0
*2 socket weapon, or 1 w/o defense

Strategy: Gaoren is the same all around, just pount him into submission. One good thing to note here is when he “charges up” for his splooge attack on the fortress, you can place bombs near his feet for a little “kick!”, per say.

[G] Absolute Zero: Ukanlos

Prerequisites: The ApproachingGaoren

Recommended Weapons: Punishment Blades (DS), Golden Eclipse (SnS), Wyvernblade “Camellia” (LS), Volganos Arpa (HH), Imperial Gunhammer “Spark” (HM), Volcanic Gig (HH), Gravios Fire Lance(LNC), Luna’s Sun (GLC), Lavasioth Gunlance (GLC)

Recommended Armor:
Diablo Helm Z
Diablo Helm Z
RathSoulVambraces Z
Diablo Coil Z
RathalosSoulGreaves Z
Gems: 5x Grinder, 1x Expert, 4x Razor, 2x Earplug
Skills: High Grade Earplug, Sharpen Skl Inc, Reckless Abandon +1, Sharp Sword
Def: 621; Fire:13 Wtr:-5 Thdr:7 Ice:-6 Drg:-8

Mizuha Cap Shin
Mizuha Guards Shin
Mizuha Sleeves Shin
Mizuha Sash Shin
Mizuha Leg Wrap Shin
Gems: 1x Melt-Proof Jewel, 5x Grinder Jewel
Skills: High Grade Earplug, Frosty Protection (Cold negate, Dragon Wind Resist), Sharpen Skill Inc, Stealth
Def: 601; Fire:-20 Wtr:15 Thdr:0 Ice:20 Drg:-5

Strategy: In many ways, this battle is extremely similar to fighting Akantor. However, the major difference is.. well ice.
If you’d like to go about attacking the head stick to the sides of his head. Attacking him dead on is never a good idea with is ice beam and love for digging. Try to stay on his right side, your left, as his tail attack won’t hit you there. You can roll around to his front to make sure his attention is kept on you attacking from his head and not his side – just be sure to move quickly.
The other option besides merciless rampage ending in your death would be to attack his back right leg. This spot can be pierced with yellow sharpness (for most weapons) and is pretty much a safe spot for anything. The only thing you have to worry about his when he tries to turn to get you. If positioned correctly you won’t stumble but he is rather large. Just keep rolling with him and you should be fine. If you’re with comrades though watch out for his ice beam attack: it can send large glaciers that can hit you there which will of course hurt, and humiliate. Attacking from this leg is also good for when he trips, you can roll to his inside and find a nice “pocket” at which to attack the tail from.
Like Akantor though, he has a scream. When he stands up you need to move regardless; he’ll either have a body slam in store or a scream. This is where attacking the head is nice, as you can read this almost instantly. The final thing you need to watch out for is when he goes underground; he will almost always pop up like a shark and start chasing after you. You cannot outrun him –turn your camera so you can see him and when he gets sort of close, pull a 90 degree superman jump to avoid this.
Just remember to bring plenty of either Hot Drinks, or Megajuices.

Opportune Attack Moments:
-Once coming up from underground
-Immediately after body slam (if you can block) he recovers for a second or 2

Ares_Is_Dead's Helpful Hints to Completing the Monster Hunter Quest:

Fight all the monsters just like you do any other time, when they are single . It only seems harder (and it really is) because a) they have full HP unlike all other marathon (epic) quests and b) they are G ranked monsters that you have to fight solo.

Don't bring flash bombs. They just take up space in your inventory, instead bring every goddamn health item you can possibly fit in your bag. That can include lifepowder, max potions, ancient potions, materials to make the above, etc. Bring what you can while being able to stock up on whatever else you might need. I used a gun to complete that quest so I needed A LOT of space for ammo. But if you are planning on using blademaster, that is what you should bring. Bring some traps too if you have room. Use those mostly on Tigrex, he is a nasy s.o.b. in this quest. I tried all different types of weapons and failed every time, I even failed a few times with a gun but then tried again and finally beat that horrible quest. Whatever weapon you are best with, go with that.

You just have to keep 1 thing in mind: this is not a speed run. You don't need to be careless in order to finish in a certain amount of time, but you also have to remember you are timed and you have to kill 4 G Ranked monsters in 50 mins (no pressure ).

Fight wise the only advice I can really give is be very careful with Rathalos. I know some of you people think you are the king of Rathalos because you have killed him 250 times, but this one will get the best of you. For instance, with about...oh 600 defense or more his fireball took me down to about 5 hp. That is right, his attacks are almost 1 hit kills. So if you see him fly up in the sky, for once be a coward and go under him to avoid being hit. Hell even his charge attack is almost a one hit kill. As a matter of fact I am almost positive he did one shot me with that **** charge.

Tigrex, well, it's tigrex I don't need to say more . Fight him just like you do any other time, just be more careful, like I said he is a nasty s.o.b.

Naruga is probably the easiest monster out of them all. Just dodge his attacks like you always do, don't get bamboozled! Maybe if you have a trap or two left over from Tigrex (assuming you didn't use them all) now would really be the time to use them. With how erratic his movements are, you really can't be too careful. If/when you kill him it is time for....

Rajang. Thank God he isn't the Super Saiyan Rajang. I might have put my PSP away and never touched it again if it was. He is a nasty one though. Again fight him like any other monster. For me, I use duals on Rajang typically because it is easier to roll with. Just keep to his sides, stay away from his front. You aren't trying to get horns in this quest, you are trying to survive and complete it. Don't worry about materials. Just stick to his side and hope for the best. When you **** him off, watch out for that **** spin attack. It just might kill you in one shot, like most of his attacks will

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