Since I plan on expanding the forum...

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Since I plan on expanding the forum... Empty Since I plan on expanding the forum...

Post  Slater on Fri Jan 27, 2012 3:43 pm

We're gonna need a new banner.

It might be good to keep things here related to the theme of a guild hall, which means we might not expand into sections for games like Modern warfare.

But i wanna make things interesting, a contest of sorts for the site's main banner. so let me break it all down.
All you have to do is create a banner no larger then 600x200
Must relate to the site's theme of being a guild hall
MUST NOT contain profane or adult language or themes

Each member may only enter one submission, so be sure on what your wanting to submit. The winner be chosen behind closed doors (I.E. the mod section).

What does the winner get you ask? Well its not much, but the winner will be made an official moderator here. Site staff are still welcomed to join the contest, although they wont really win anything they don't already have (lol).

So for any interested, please start working on your submissions and get them turned in asap! Smile

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